Mechajammer Looks Rad, And It’s Out Soon

It takes a lot to make cyberpunk scary. Well, maybe not a lot, because there’s a lot you can do with a future where human beings are controlled by corporations and we’re all indebted to corporations underpaying us. It’s not like anything like that happens now, nor is it like those same corporations are in control of various countries because of how they line our politicians’ pockets. We’ve gotten sidetracked here, sorry about that.

Mechajammer is a cyberpunk horror CRPG that has you living on a colony world where things have gone horribly south. It’s not just the syndicates that you have to worry about here though, but the unusual denizens of the killer jungles that are littered about as well. You’ve not ended up here by choice though, as you and a group of fellow deserters have ended up crashlanding on this horrible place by accident. You hate to see it, but it does make for a somewhat more interesting game than when everything goes right.

You’ll have to make the most of the situation you find yourselves in by lying, bribing, rumourmongering, and fighting your way through the world until you can earn your escape. It’s not an easy thing to do, but you’ll have a lot of different ways to do so. There’s a deep character creation toolkit here too, so you’ll be able to find the playstyle that really gels with you and then make the most of it. Sounds horrifying, right? Seems good though, doesn’t it?