meeple station

Meeple Station launches into Early Access

Space station building sim heads to Steam following beta sales success

Today saw developer Vox Games launch their space station building sim, Meeple Station, into Early Access on Steam for PC, Mac and Linux. Vox Games, makers of the very positively reviewed Regions of Ruin, had quietly launched beta sales on a couple of weeks back and found themselves with another success on their hands. It is being published by new publisher Modularity. Not much is known about this publisher yet other than it comes from the minds of the creators of IndieDB and ModDB.

Inspired by the likes of Rimworld, Meeple Station has been designed to be a co-op simulation. Together with a friend, you must guide the Meeples on a quest through space on a space station. You have to build it from scratch, from simple necessities like beds to high tech power grids. Once you’ve built the station, you then need to manage all the Meeples who make up the stations’ staff. They do have a mind of their own so you are going to have micro-manage them to the smallest detail. Of course, you don’t have to play co-op though as there is a single player mode.

Other features of the game include open-ended campaign objectives involving space exploration, combat with space pirates and space squid (yeah, space squid) and discovering new artifacts. You get to research lots of interesting Meeple technologies and explore lots of different Meeple stuff. The game is very moddable and comes with a very broad modding suite built in so there is a lot of scope for creating your own unique parts of the game too.

Does Meeple Station sound like a game you’d be interested in? If the answer is yes then head on over to Steam to grab yourself a copy right away!